??? The Three Degrees ???

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The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses ‘69

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This woman+book are amazing. #LouiseBourgeois #Drawings&Observations #inspiration #lafemme #highheels #LOVE #French #downtime #paidtoread !

Maybe the question has to be raised: Are we becoming less human or more human?
— Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, M.D., On Death and Dying
I think with me, a muse is somebody who offers me way more than I expected, almost like they could read my mind. That’s the best, like say I’m looking at a big sand dune and before I can even say anything, this person is running down it and doing some crazy thing that I never expected. You just get blown away by it and you really love that person for bringing something you know is going to look so great. This person has taken this gift and given it to you and they’re just like, “Here, you can have it.”
— Ryan McGinley, ”Barn Crash” 2012

"I AM THE OCEAN, controlled by the moon. I cover six-sevenths of all the surface of the earth. All the waters of all the continents feed me. I am tranquil sometimes, and turbulent other times. I have vast riches nobody knows about, and hidden depths. I am unexplored. My waves break on beaches where nobody swims. I am cold and warm and serene and stormy and placid and violent. People try, but nobody can really fathom me."